We Moved to Texas to Get Away from Snowy Winters

I never thought we would be moving to Texas. I have lived in the northeastern part of the United States my whole life. My wife and I bought a used RV and started traveling a few times a year with our dogs. We had a small home we would return to. We got tired of the cold winters, so we would spend a few months traveling in our RV working from the road. Writing allowed us to do that. Now we were looking at nice apartments for rent in Alamo Heights. We were going to sell our home in the northeast and move to Texas.

While traveling in the wintertime, we had times that we wanted to go back home. However, we weighed the options going home to sleep in a regular bed with enjoying the warmth and sunshine of where we would have our RV parked. We picked Texas to be our new home because we had more relatives there. We picked a really nice apartment complex that has nice neighbors. Our apartment has a nice kitchen, the place has hardwood floors, and we have a fireplace! The closets are really big, and the place has granite countertops.

We still do a lot of road trips across the country in our RV. We like to see new things. We can afford it because the rent on our new apartment is a whole lot less than what it cost to maintain our home. We also find ourselves spending a lot more time at our new place whether it be in the middle of winter or summer. I like not seeing snow on the ground in January. When I was a kid, I liked it. Now that these bones have a few decades on them, I like it warm outside year round!

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