One of My Favorite Times of the Year

I used to love going to my grandmother’s house for spring cleaning. We would actually make a weekend of it because it would take us that long to go through everything she had accumulated throughout the year. I would do the bulk of the cleaning along with my sister and a couple of cousins, and it was just a great time for all of us. Now, I am the only one who still goes there as everyone else has moved far away. I also use a service that does spring cleaning in Singapore instead of doing it myself.

It is much harder to do it on my own because the house is so big. I knew that it would take more than one person to help with it, which is the reason why I chose Kleepers to do this with us. They have different packages for spring cleaning, and I am able to request between one and three people to come out and clean the house for Gram. The first time I took the three person package, but the last two years I have only used two people because there is just less to do with each passing year.

When the two came out last month, they cleaned everything. They moved furniture and cleaned underneath the pieces and behind them, and they also dusted and wiped down everything. They cleaned the bathrooms until they sparkled, and even the ceiling fans were completely cleaned. They provide all the materials to do this too with the exception of the mop and broom, which we happily provide. While they are cleaning, Gram and I will still go through things, because she does somehow seem to accumulate a little bit through the year still. Even though it requires effort, this is still one of my favorite times of the year.

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