I Wanted the Biggest One Bedroom Apartment Available

Even though I live by myself, I still like to have a lot of space. I used to live in a very small studio apartment when I first graduated from college, and those two years of living there nearly made me feel claustrophobic. I knew then that I would never live in such a tiny apartment again. When I transferred to Revere, it did not take me long to find the apartment that I wanted to live at. I had simply done a search for Revere Beach apartments for rent, and one came up that really intrigued me from the start.

I looked at the location and all the community amenities first, and I was impressed with what I saw. I then looked at the floor plans, knowing that could be a deal breaker. However, it turned out to be a deal maker. While there were quite a few one bedroom floor plans, I was impressed with the fact that they cater to anyone. Just because I did not want a studio apartment or a small apartment did not mean that others did not. The smallest studio apartment was 417 square feet and the largest was 628 square feet. Their biggest one was nearly twice as big as my first studio!

I still wanted a one bedroom though, because my days of not having a private bedroom are behind me. The smallest one bedroom floor plan is 597 square feet and the largest is 915 square feet. There are six other layouts that are in the middle of those two. Naturally, I took the 915 square foot one. Not only is there a lot of space here, but the ceilings are incredible. They are 11 feet tall, which makes it look even bigger here. I hope to be here a very long time!

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