Getting Ready for the Big Move

There was never any doubt that we would eventually have to move from this place. When I got here straight out of college there was already a rumor that the landlord intended to tear the place down and sell it to one of the big developers. You can look around and figure it out, since there are a number of big residential towers in this area. I have been paring down the stuff that I have to get a Singapore house movers to load up the van and move me some other place. I would love it if I could find a place that is closer to my job, but I know that the wife is not going to want to move out of this area. It is great for her if you want to know about it. She can walk out front, jump on the bus and be at her job in about five minutes. If she wanted to, then she could walk to her office, although it would take a bit too long for me.

At any rate we have started the search, but her Mom is trying to help us out. She is mostly trying to get us to move close to where she lives, so we can let her watch her grandchild. Of course that is just a reminder that she does not have a grandchild and we are supposed to get busy on the task of providing her with one. It is all par for the course as they say, when you talk to her this is going to be a primary topic of discussion. We just pretend that we are going along with the idea, but for now a child would be really difficult to accommodate. In particular she is making really good money and we need that.

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