An App for Young Children

I work at a daycare center, and I get a lot of great ideas just from taking care of the children there. I started to think of a great app after talking with a lot of the kids one day about animals. Most there already knew how to use their parents' smartphones, and they were already using various gaming apps, even at two and three years old. After our animal chat though, I decided to see how much it would cost me to have a Singapore app developer create the app that I thought would be perfect for children who were of preschool age.

They all loved my stories of animals and living on a farm, but most of them had never even stepped foot on a farm. They had seen pictures of horses and cows, but had never seen any in person. While I was not able to change that, I figured that I could make them seem more real to the kids at least. One of the reasons I love working with children so much is because I love telling stories, and children are the perfect audience for that.

I kept having these ideas of the perfect app for them, which is what led me to find the app developer that I ended up using for my idea. I explained to them what I wanted, and they were able to create it for me. The cost was lower than what I expected. I wasn't worried about cost because I figured it was a good investment, but it was still nice that it was not as expensive as I had figured it would be. I showed the kids the app first, and they all really liked it a lot. I gave their parents each a copy, and I have sold quite a few of them too!

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We Found a Nice Short-term Rental to Stay in

We decided to sell our house, and then we needed to figure out where we would live after selling it. This is because we are building a new home. I wondered what it would be like to live in an apartment and whether I would like it a lot or not. Friends told us to take a look at the website at because they used to live at the apartments shared at that website, and our friends said they really enjoyed it.

It is kind of interesting to think about the fact that neither my husband or myself have ever tried apartment living before. We were both lucky enough to live at home with our individual parents while were went to college and then later found jobs after graduating. My husband I met each other in school and we were close friends. Later, we began dating, and we even talked about getting a place of our own to live in together while we finished our schooling. But in the end, we both knew that we had it too good at home as it was and it would make no sense to go rent a place. As poor college students, we figured that it would be much cheaper to eat at our parent's table every night, instead of spending more money to put food on a table in a separate apartment. Our parent were happy with our decision as well.

I called the manager at the apartments that our friend told us about, and she told me that I was welcome to come by any time to take a tour. So, I decided to go over that same night out of curiosity. The place looked really nice, clean and cozy. Because someone had already put in a contract on our house, I went ahead and put in a contract to apply for the apartment unit.

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Closed Captioning Services That Get It Right

Sometimes I have a difficult time following dialog on TV. My wife and I leave the captions on for some shows just so we can hear some of the dialog. Sound must not be as important in TV as it is in film, and enunciation is awful among some actors. Some of them sound like they are mumbling their way through a script. At first I thought it was my hearing, but I had it tested. Plus, we have watched TV with others who are rewinding just to hear something again. In business, closed captioning services should be flawless. However, sometimes they are worse than the spoken dialog.

Yes, I feel for those who are doing the work of captioning. If they just need to work from a script and the actors stuck to the script, then it should be easy. However, TV acting is a lot of impromptu stuff. A script might not be any help for some of the dialog that makes it into the final cut. I have seen so many caption fails it is ridiculous. This is why when we were producing some video work that we chose a company that was a lot more meticulous about correct closed captioning services. Since we were paying to have it done, we definitely wanted it done right.

For our production we did not have any mumbling actors. Those who can hear should not even need the captions. However, for the hearing impaired, accurate closed captions are extremely important. The captioning should get all of the dialog correct, and interject notes about music being played and the mood of it along with any important sounds or non-verbal noises in acting. This is what helps make watching the production enjoyable to those who are hearing impaired and who rely on closed captioning.

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