We Found a Nice Short-term Rental to Stay in

We decided to sell our house, and then we needed to figure out where we would live after selling it. This is because we are building a new home. I wondered what it would be like to live in an apartment and whether I would like it a lot or not. Friends told us to take a look at the website at http://www.parkatbouldercreek.com because they used to live at the apartments shared at that website, and our friends said they really enjoyed it.

It is kind of interesting to think about the fact that neither my husband or myself have ever tried apartment living before. We were both lucky enough to live at home with our individual parents while were went to college and then later found jobs after graduating. My husband I met each other in school and we were close friends. Later, we began dating, and we even talked about getting a place of our own to live in together while we finished our schooling. But in the end, we both knew that we had it too good at home as it was and it would make no sense to go rent a place. As poor college students, we figured that it would be much cheaper to eat at our parent's table every night, instead of spending more money to put food on a table in a separate apartment. Our parent were happy with our decision as well.

I called the manager at the apartments that our friend told us about, and she told me that I was welcome to come by any time to take a tour. So, I decided to go over that same night out of curiosity. The place looked really nice, clean and cozy. Because someone had already put in a contract on our house, I went ahead and put in a contract to apply for the apartment unit.

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